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Freshstart® is a group-based tobacco cessation support program offered by the American Cancer Society.

What is Freshstart?

Freshstart is designed to help smokers plan a successful quit attempt by providing essential information, skills for coping with cravings, and group support. Freshstart is offered in a variety of settings including hospitals, workplaces, colleges and universities, and community health organizations.

How does it work?

Freshstart incorporates the most current guidelines for tobacco cessation support into face-to-face group support sessions. Program participants choose a combination of techniques and cessation treatments they will use in their quit attempt.

To offer the program, a representative from your organization must volunteer to become a certified Freshstart facilitator and complete certification training online. After certification is completed, the facilitator can begin offering the program.

The Freshstart evidence-based approach helps participants increase their motivation to quit, learn effective approaches for quitting and guide them in making a successful quit attempt through information, activities, and discussion. The evidence-based components of Freshstart include:

  • Motivational intervention activities
  • Practical counseling (problem solving skills)
  • Social support
  • Education about medication and approaches to quitting

What can you expect?

Once certified, Freshstart facilitators have access to lesson plans, powerpoint presentations, certificate of completion templates for participants, and other resources to provide to smokers trying to make a quit attempt.  Freshstart participant guides and optional customizable promotional materials are available for ordering or download after certification is complete.

Freshstart program participants can expect a participant guide handed out at the beginning of the first session to use in the program sessions and for personal review outside of class. They can also expect group support from other program participants, the opportunity to learn from past quit attempts, and new techniques to incorporate into their future quit attempt.

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Features and Benefits

Enhance your brand image

The American Cancer Society is the largest voluntary health organization in the world, with 96 percent brand name recognition. Leveraging the American Cancer Society brand with your own provides significant opportunities to influence behavior.

Online registration and certification for facilitators

Facilitators can register for the program and complete certification at your own convenience.

Evidence-based activities

Activities within the curriculum are customizable to each participant so the program is meaningful and personally actionable.

Facilitator materials and resources

All materials and resources for facilitators are available as soon as online certification is complete.

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