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Healthy Living is a monthly electronic newsletter produced by the American Cancer Society that teaches the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices.

What is Healthy Living?

The monthly e-newsletter focuses on exercising, eating better, maintaining a healthy weight, and avoiding the negative effects of stress. With just a few changes in their life, your employees can improve their health, reduce their risk of certain diseases, including cancer, and increase the energy they need to get through their busy days. Poor diets and sedentary lifestyles are important contributors to cancer risk and other serious medical conditions and take a significant toll on American businesses.

How does it work?

Healthy Living is available in both English and Spanish, and the content has been edited by the American Cancer Society’s scientific staff to ensure that the most up-to-date and accurate information is being provided to your employees. Focusing on general health and wellness topics, the information helps build awareness, increases knowledge, teaches skills, motivates, and reinforces desired health action for your employees. Research has shown that individual lifestyle choices have an impact on our health, longevity, and our day-to-day performance.

What can you expect?

By providing your employees relevant information on a regular basis about weight loss, eating right, and exercising, you can help raise their awareness of health risks and solutions and provide the necessary motivation and skills to help them make healthy lifestyle choices. The newsletter, which you can distribute by email or in a printed format, will help build a staff of dedicated, healthy, and motivated people.

To learn more about the American Cancer Society Healthy Living newsletter and how your company can start using it to support your employees, please click here to contact us.

Features and Benefits

Offering health related tools such as the Healthy Living newsletter can improve job satisfaction and help you build a staff of dedicated, healthy, and motivated employees.

Healthy Living is:

  • A no-cost alternative to pricier health and wellness newsletters
  • Scientifically validated by American Cancer Society experts
  • Fresh and written in a compelling and entertaining way
  • Brand friendly by using photos as opposed to clipart and cartoons
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