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The American Cancer Society's elite skills-based volunteer program – Pro Bono Engagement Program – provides an opportunity for your employees to use and develop their on-the-job skills and talent in a dynamic nonprofit setting while helping save more lives from cancer and creating more birthdays.

What is the Pro Bono Engagement Program?

Pro bono is the most comprehensive form of skills-based volunteerism. The Pro Bono Engagement program at the American Cancer Society provides year-round skill-based project opportunities for employees and employee teams during their normal work hours. Pro bono consultants make a meaningful difference while gaining leadership skills, developing networks, and gaining experience in a nonprofit environment. Projects are time limited, and use existing talent to achieve specific outcomes. Employees self-match to project opportunities based on their skills and talent. Whether it is developing a strategic plan for cancer patient quality of life programs, designing a marketing campaign for a new Hope Lodge®, or working on an annual report, the American Cancer Society will assist you in matching your skills to the available project opportunities. Currently, our Pro Bono Engagement Program is targeted to early career corporate employees who are within the first three years of their professional career.

How does it work?

1. Your company nominates early career employees (i.e., first three years) who compete for select skills-based pro bono project opportunities at the American Cancer Society. Opportunities are matched to each person’s current skills, so the experience not only enhances those existing abilities, but also provides on-the-job nonprofit expertise. These project opportunities are made available on an annual basis.

2. Selected employees contribute anywhere from three to twelve months of pro bono service to the American Cancer Society during their normal work hours. The time commitment is dependent on the chosen project. Assignments and positions may fall within a wide variety of potential business functions, including income development, advocacy, research, information technology, marketing, human resources, finance, and communications. Work is done as part of a team or as an individual solving real business issues within the world’s largest voluntary health organization dedicated to saving lives from cancer.

3. Other benefits of the pro bono engagement program for early career employees include assigned mentor and future mentoring opportunities, strengths assessment, nationwide social networking, online learning and development, opportunities for engagement, and employee and employer recognition visibility.

When your employees commit their time and unique talents to the American Cancer Society, they are helping save lives while fulfilling their own.

Benefits to Your Company

American Cancer Society staff and volunteers are the lifeblood of the organization. By encouraging your early career employees to use and develop their skills in the Society’s Pro Bono Engagement Program, your company helps develop its talent pool while growing the capacity of the American Cancer Society to improve business practice and outreach while helping save more lives from cancer and creating more birthdays.

To learn more about the Pro Bono Engagement Program or find out if there is an opportunity right for you, please click here to contact us.

Social Impact and Business Value

When you join our family of three million volunteers, you and your organization will enjoy numerous benefits from skill-based volunteerism while saving lives:

Employee Benefits:
  • Enhance skills development and training
  • Community leadership recognition
  • Increase teamwork exposure
  • Cross-generational mentoring
  • Experience in the nonprofit sector
Employer Benefits:
  • Increase visibility, image, and reputation in the community
  • Competitive edge to recruit and retain employees
  • Increase employee loyalty and morale
  • Additional employee professional development and learning opportunities
  • Demonstrate the importance of corporate citizenry to your customers
American Cancer Society Mission Benefits:
  • Increase people capacity, which accelerates delivery of lifesaving mission
  • Increase ROI as a result of improved business processes
  • Broaden outreach, thanks to more diverse talent and skills
  • Increase effectiveness, which leads to greater social impact and corporate citizens
  • Lifelong relationships through strong corporate partnerships
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"Through my various informal and formal leadership roles within the Society, I have been able to bring back highly regarded transferable skills to become a very successful associate, including communication and presentation proficiency, building lifelong relationships, and an increased ability to creatively problem solve. Thank you PricewaterhouseCoopers and the American Cancer Society for these phenomenal opportunities!"

Adam Schwartz

International Assignment Services
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

"Skills-based voluntarism gives our employees across the nation a chance to be involved in their communities and to represent Delta’s commitment to the communities in which we live and work, while strengthening their own skill sets and enhancing their own careers."

Frank Wrenn

Manager, External Affairs and Community Relations
Delta Air Lines

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